Website Building, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Trainer, Social Media" /> Website Building, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Trainer, Social Media" />

Do you love Facebook, but don't know where to go next? Or are you struggle to get on social media, but want to connect with your family and friends. Contact me for available workshops. Or if you have a group who would be interested in having me speak or developing a workshop email me

​Bringing Social Media In House -- Many small business owners just aren't sure where to start. This workshop is designed to help owners determine who they want to be on-line, what platforms will work best to accomplish those goals and how to manage the platforms without losing their minds or their wallets.

Pinterest for Business -- Pinterest is a site with a great future for businesses. It's great for marketing and has the highest conversion rate from browsing to sales. This platform is how to make the most of this up and coming social media site.

Level 1 -- Initial Set Up of Social Media -- This level is designed to assist a new business owner in determining a social media presence. Helping owners decide what platforms are appropriate for their business. Determining the personna of the business and target audience. Assisting owners in developing a plan on how to manage social media on their own.

Level 2 -- Revamping Social Media -- This level is for established businesses who believe they need a review of their social media. Perhaps social media is not producing the results anticipated or there has been a shift in the focus of the business. 

Level 3 -- Managing Social Media Sites -- This level is designed to assist small business owners manage one or more sites. This level includes initial set up of sites, monthly meetings to review social media plan and ensure it is still meeting the needs of the business owner.

Level 4 -- Total Management of Social Media Sites -- Has your business grown to the point that you don't have time to manage your social media, but you know its important. ItsAllGeek2Me, LLC can manage your on-line presence while still meeting and communicating with you regularly to ensure it meets your needs.

 Group training or one-on-One service